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30/09/2014EUROPE CLPSG x BarcelonaPSG +0,253-2 WIN
29/09/2014RUSSIA D1Kazan x T. MoscowKazan -12-1 DRAW
28/09/2014BRAZIL ABotafogo x GremioBotafogo +00-2 LOSE
27/09/2014GERMANY D1Schalk x DortmundSchalk +0,52-1 WIN
26/09/2014IRELAND PREMIERCork City x Sligo RoversCork City -0,52-1 WIN
25/09/2014BRAZIL APalmeiras x Vitoria Vitoria +0,52-0 LOSE
24/09/2014GERMANY D1Hannover x KölnHannover -01-0 WIN
23/09/2014GERMANY D1Bremen x SchalkeSchalke -0,250-3 WIN
22/09/2014SPAIN D1Getafe x ValenciaValencia -0,50-3 WIN
21/09/2014BRAZIL ASantos x FigueirenseSantos -0,753-1 WIN
20/09/2014ENGLAND PREMIERAston Villa x ArsenalArsenal -0,750-3 WIN
19/09/2014GERMANY REG.Ingolstadt II x BurghausenIngolstadt II -0,254-2 WIN
18/09/2014EUROPE LEAGUEDinipro x Inter Dinipro +0,50-1 LOSE
17/09/2014EUROPE CLPorto x BatePorto -1,56-0 WIN
16/09/2014GERMANY D3Stuttgart II x Mainz IIStuttgart II -0,251-0 WIN
15/09/2014FRANCE D2Troyes x AuxerreAuxerre +0,751-2 WIN
14/09/2014ITALY D1Fiorentina x GenovaFiorentina -0,750-0 LOSE
13/09/2014GERMANY D1Moenchengladbach x SchalkeMoenchengladbach -0,254-1 WIN
12/09/2014GERMANY D2Ingolstadt x AalenIngolstadt -0,754-1 WIN
11/09/2014SPAIN CUPLugo x AlcoronLugo+0,251-0 WIN
10/09/2014BRAZIL APalmeiras x CriciumaPalmeiras -0,51-0 WIN
09/09/2014EUROPE QUALIFIC.Norway x ItalyNorway +0,50-2 LOSE
08/09/2014EUROPE QUALIFIC.Spain x MacedoniaSpain -2,755-1 WIN
07/09/2014ITALY BBologna x EntellaBologna -0,51-1 LOSE
06/09/2014GERMANY D3 Dresden x Regensburg Dresden -0,752-1 WIN
05/09/2014IRELAND PREMIERDrogheda x AthloneDrogheda -0,751-1 LOSE
04/09/2014WORLD QUALI. U21Ukraine x SwitzerlandUkraine +02-0 WIN
03/09/2014USA MLSChivas x SeattleSeattle -0,752-4 WIN
02/09/2014ENGLAND TROPHYPreston x ShrewsburyPreston -0,751-0 WIN
01/09/2014BRAZIL AVitoria x FlamengoFlamengo +0,251-2 WIN

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